Iron like a pro in half the time with a LAURASTAR. 50 psi dry microfine steam across all models. Use code WINTER24 for 10% Off RRP.

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Laurastar & the environment

Laurastar, a Swiss brand committed to protecting the environment. Each product designed by Laurastar operates an environmental protection policy, promoting energy-saving and use of recyclable materials.

Long-lasting, durable products

At a time when waste is rife, Laurastar manufactures long-lasting, reliable, quality appliances, in line with its Swiss values.

As such, its products have an estimated life cycle of between 7 and 10 years. Laurastar also fights against the « philosophy of planned obsolescence », which promotes the immediate, and often unnecessary, replacement of appliances. This is why Laurastar aims to repair all its products for a minimum period of ten years.

This policy prevents you from consuming more than you have to.


Focused on protecting the world’s scarce ressources, Laurastar develops technologies which allow you to make significant energy savings. It has been proven that using a Laurastar product reduces ironing time by around 50%.

Likewise, thanks to the auto-stop function, Laurastar products automatically switch off after ten or fifteen minutes of inactivity. Finally, the pulse steam, emitted in short, intermittent bursts, guarantees optimum diffusion of steam. The result is less energy waste caused by excess steam for a perfect result.

Recyclable Materials

In order to really honour its eco-commitment, Laurastar uses recyclable materials.

Laurastar packaging is mainly produced with recyclable materials. All the brand’s products which have reached the end of their life cycle are given to a dedicated recycling company. Any waste is thus treated then re-introduced into the manufacturing cycle for other products.

Laurastar also uses FSC paper for its brochures printed in Switzerland, which helps to promote sustainable forestry worldwide and to fight against deforestation.

Through this approach, Laurastar commits to preserving bio-diversity.