Iron like a pro in half the time with a LAURASTAR. 50 psi dry microfine steam across all models. Use code WINTER24 for 10% Off RRP.

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Laurastar at your service-Australia

To keep your clothes looking beautiful for longer, your Laurastar requires some servicing.
For general enquiries please use the “live chat” feature on our website for a quicker response.
9am-6pm weekdays and 9am-3pm weekends  (closed public holidays)

The Laurastar support team are available to answer your questions, please contact them on 1800 999 910 or fill out the service request form shown below. NO appointment is required to attend the service centre. Please bring in your appliance during business hrs and one of our team will explain the process. (Business hrs 9am-5pm Mon-Friday) Please contact us before buying a 2nd hand Laurastar appliance so we can advise if its still serviceable.


To ensure the longevity of your Laurastar appliance, it is important to look after it by carrying out regular maintenance. Here is some advice from our team.

Firstly, you should know that Laurastar ironing systems and steam generators are designed to work only with tap water. To keep them in good condition, you should never add water containing chemical products as this will affect their operation. It is also highly recommended to use Laurastar anti-scale granules and cartridges, as well as tap water, to help prevent limescale build-up and, therefore, allow you to get the full benefit of your Laurastar for longer. Anti-scale granules or cartridges must be replaced regularly.

The boiler must also be rinsed the first time you use your Laurastar. This step must be repeated every month or after every 10 hours of ironing. To do this, the appliance must be cool, off and unplugged. Warning: never use scaling or other chemical products to rinse the boiler. Laurastar appliances must only be rinsed with water!


Laurastar commits to carrying out maintenance on its products for 10 years. (from production date) If your appliance is serviced by us we guarantee that service for 6 months. Every Laurastar appliance purchased from an authorized reseller comes with a Two Year Limited Warranty. (Commercial user warranty is 6mths) The service is free during the guarantee period. Once this period has passed, the service is charged. Appliances over 10 years old may not be economical to repair & we may not have all the parts for these models.
Important: We do not provide technical support to customers wanting to repair their own appliance and we do not carry out partial repairs. (Our factory trained technician will make the final decision on all repairs) Note we do not provide warranty service for appliances purchased outside of Australia or second hand appliances. 

Warranty terms and conditions, 2 years domestic use and 6 months commercial use, repair warranty (not replacement)

Service & Repairs Request

  • Located on the back or underneath the boiler.