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To ensure professional quality ironing, Laurastar’s Swiss engineers and researchers have designed a range of accessories which adapt to your ironing system and steam systems. Protective soleplates, ironing board covers, anti-scale filters, steam cord holders, travel garment bags, boards for ironing the narrowest part of your clothes and even ironing boards are all creations which will make your life easier. With Laurastar, ironing becomes a moment of pure pleasure.

Ironing Boards & Covers

  • Comfort Ironing Board Glasses

    $239.00 Inc.GST View
  • Plusboard Grey

    Plus ironing board

    $299.00 Inc.GST View

    $199.00 Inc.GST View
  • Laurastar Mycover Taupe

    Laurastar MyCover Taupe

    $98.00 Inc.GST View
  • Laurastar Mycover Purple

    Laurastar MyCover Violet

    $98.00 Inc.GST View
  • Laurastar Mycover Grey

    Laurastar MyCover Grey

    $98.00 Inc.GST View
  • Laurastar Mycover Lavender

    Laurastar MyCover Lavender

    $98.00 Inc.GST View
  • Laurastar Mycover Light Beige

    Laurastar MyCover GO Beige

    $98.00 Inc.GST View
  • Laurastar Mycover Red

    Laurastar MyCover GO Red

    $98.00 Inc.GST View

Ironing Accessories

  • Stainless steel drying rack

    $78.00 Inc.GST View
  • Alpha Multi-Hanger Ironing Companion

    $78.00 Inc.GST View
  • Support For Vertical Steaming

    Final Touch vertical steaming accessory

    $199.00 Inc.GST View
  • Steam Cord Holder 109

    Steam Cord Holder G range

    $19.00 Inc.GST View
  • Steam Cord Holder 107

    Steam Cord Holder S range

    $45.00 Inc.GST View
  • Steam Cord Holder 108

    Steam Cord Holder LIFT

    $45.00 Inc.GST View
  • 3D Protective Soleplate for Laurastar S7a Laurastar Pulse and Laurastar Pulse Silver

    3D Protective Soleplate S range

    $98.00 Inc.GST View
  • Protective Soleplate for Laurastar S6a S5a S4a

    Reg Protective Soleplate S Range

    $98.00 Inc.GST View
  • 3D Protective Soleplate for Laurastar Lift Plus

    Lift + 3D Protective Soleplate

    $98.00 Inc.GST View
  • Protective Soleplate for Laurastar Lift, Go & GoPlus

    Lift Protective Soleplate

    $98.00 Inc.GST View
  • Hook


    $29.00 Inc.GST View
  • Iron Mat Lavender

    Iron Mat Silicone

    $19.00 Inc.GST View
  • Iron Mat for Laurastar Lift and Lift Plus

    Lift Iron Mat

    $39.00 Inc.GST View
  • Refill Bottle OUT OF

    Refill Bottle

    $19.00 Inc.GST View

Maintenance Accessories

  • Soleplate Cleaning Mat OUT OF

    Soleplate Cleaning Mat

    $19.00 Inc.GST View
  • Anti-Scale Aqua Refills 3 Pack

    $98.00 Inc.GST View
  • Anti-Scale Lift Cartridges 3 Pack

    $98.00 Inc.GST View
  • Drain Tray

    Drain Tray

    $19.00 Inc.GST View