Iron like a pro in half the time with a LAURASTAR. 50 psi dry microfine steam across all models. Use code WINTER24 for 10% Off RRP.

  • Delivery Australia Wide
  • Award winning irons
  • Professional iron for home use
  • Established over 30 years

Trade & Save program


Now you can trade in your old Laurastar iron for a new Laurastar at a discounted price when you trade your old iron in on a new model. Trade & Save is available online or in-store. The rebate is determined by the new model you purchase & calculated off RRP. (not sale prices) Increased trade in allowances for JULY.

  • Trade into a NEW LIFT           -Rebate now $275 Off RRP
  • Trade into a NEW LIFT Xtra  -Rebate now $350 Off RRP
  • Trade into a NEW S Pure       -Rebate now $750 Off RRP
  • Trade into a NEW Smart I     -Rebate now $825 Off RRP
  • Trade into a NEW Smart U   -Rebate now $950 Off RRP
  • Trade in other brand irons here

*Terms & Conditions: Trade & save offer is not available in conjunction with any other offer. One trade in per new sale.
If you trade in on sale prices you will be rebated the trade in amount from RRP not the sale price.
Note: You have 60 days to return your old appliance to claim the trade in rebate. Offer ends 31st July 2024

Step 1 - Select Existing Model & New Model

Select the model you currently own, this information can be found on the silver sticker on back or underneath the boiler.

Then, select the NEW model you would like to trade into. This will then show the actual trade in rebate you will receive. Note rebates are applied on RRP not on any sale prices that may be on offer. Only one trade in per new sale.

Step 2 - Enter Serial Number

Enter the 12 digit serial number as listed on the silver sticker. SERIE.

Step 3 - Checkout

Process the order and make payment at checkout, you pay full RRP (specials pricing is not applicable during trade ins) If you purchase a product that is on sale the trade in rebate will be calculated off the RRP less the sales price you paid.

The new Laurastar is sent out to you with a box & instructions on how to return the old one.

Step 4 - Return Existing Machine

Pack the old iron/boiler (not the board) into the provided box

Take this to your closest Australia post using the “Reply Paid” label we provided with your order. You have 60 days to return your old appliance & claim the rebate.

Step 5 - Rebate Payment Processed

When we receive the old appliance we will rebate the agreed trade in amount as shown on your sales invoice to the payment method you used. Note the rebate applied is off the RRP not any sales prices shown on our website. Only one trade in per new sale. Rebate valid for 60days from purchase date.

Get Started

Current Laurastar Model

New Laurastar Model


Can I also do the trade in instore or by phone

Yes you can please visit one of our showrooms or call us on 1800 999 910 during business hrs
Or you can speak with our chat team on messenger through our website.

Can you explain the different models.

Please see attached a compare chart for both our LIFT steam stations range and Ironing systems range

Laurastar steam station irons:
Download LIFT Compare Chart

Laurastar ironing systems:
Download Ironing Systems Compare Chart

If you require further information please call us on 1800 999 910 or speak with our chat team online.

How and when do I get my rebate

When we receive the old appliance back, we only need the boiler & iron, we will arrange a rebate for the trade in value. You have 60 days from the original purchase date to return the old appliance and claim your rebate.

This will be paid to the same payment method you used when you purchased the new model. It normally takes 5-7 business days.

How do I return the old appliance

When we send the new Laurastar, we will include a box & an Aus Post Reply Paid label. Please pack the old iron & boiler (not the board) into this box, label it and take it to Aus Post.

There are no shipping charges for the return.

Do I need to return the ironing board

We don’t require the ironing board back just the boiler & iron that is attached together. We recommend putting out the ironing board for council hard rubbish collection.

What do you do with the old Laurastar appliances

All old appliances are recycled not resold

Can I keep any of the old accessories

You can if you want to but please note they may not be compatible with the new model.

Can I trade & save another brand of steam station.? Yes

Wish you bought a Laurastar?
Now you can trade & save any other brand of steam station and receive a $200 rebate off the RRP of a new LIFT or LIFT Xtra steam station iron.

Trade in other brand irons here.